Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{Parking Pal and Penalty Pal Review and Giveaway}

A few years ago I came across the great looking product idea and decided to try it out.  Its called Parking Pal.  Its a round magnet that you put on your car for your kids to use to stay safe in parking lots.

This product was created by a mom who wanted to come up with a product to keep her own children safe.  Since the product worked so well with her own children, she decided to make them for the public to help keep all children safer.

I feel there have been many tragic accidents that have happened in parking lots, driveways, etc. that could possibly have been avoided with the use of this product.

By placing the magnet with the hand print and cute graphics on it, on your car, you can keep your kids safer while you tend to their siblings or while you load or unload you car.

Kids are drawn to the cute patterns and LOVE putting their own hands on top of the hand on the magnet while they look at the pictures.

I wanted to share this product with other parents or parents to be, simply because it works!  Plus, who doesn't want to keep their little ones extra safe?!

Recently I discovered that the same company now also makes a similar product called Penalty Pal.

Penalty Pal can help assist you during "time out" times.  It has a similar design on it like the Parking Pal, but its made out of vinyl.  This way you can stick it in one spot one time and another spot at another time.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this product at first because my 4 year old can be impossible to get to sit in time outs (especially since he isn't in time out often).

I asked the company if I could try out the Penalty Pal and they graciously obliged.  I decided to put the sticker on top of the seat portion of one of our extra wooden kids chairs and kept it in our family room.  To my surprise, when I told my son to go sit in time out, he actually did go sit when it was on the Penalty Pal sticker!  I was definitely a believer in the product after that.

Even though neither of my children frequent time out, at least I know that we now have a method that works.

The people over at Parking Pal and Penalty Pal have agreed to let me have a giveaway of one of each of their products.

Here is what you need to do to enter!
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Good Luck!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 To Do List

Last year I decided that I needed to make a list of things I would like to try to do with the kids throughout the year.  Needless to say I am pretty happy with as much as we were able to accomplish.  There are still a few on there that we need to work on this year though.

Here is our list!
Here is what we still need to do:
{Maritime Aquarium}
{Bronx Zoo}
{Lake Compounce}
{Mystic Seaport}
{Play In Puddles}
{Homemade Finger Paint}
{Homemade Bath Paint}

However, there are a bunch of things that we DID do that weren't on our list.  Like Disney, Hershey Park, and the Springfield Museums, just to name a few.

What goals do you set for your family?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's day. 
We kept it pretty low key around here, but it was nice as always to have daddy home during the day! 
Im going to be keeping this much more up to date this year.  I want to keep all of our family (near and far) informed on what we are up to.
I will be posting a little end of the year info on things that we did in 2012. 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2013, from my family to yours!   

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the Winner Is....

Congrats Danae!!!
Please email me, and I will let you know what the next step is.

Thanks to everyone to entered!  Dont forget you can get your own great MumMe Wear at anytime by going to MumMe Wear.

Monday, July 9, 2012

{Mumme Socks Review and Giveaway}

When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I was so excited to be able to start shopping for all those adorable clothes and accessories for her.  (Not that my son doesn't have the cutest stuff, but let's face it, cute little girly things are easier to find).

Since its such a pain to keep shoes on little babies, I decided to get some of those adorable little shoe socks instead.  Matthew had some cute little cowboy boot ones, but Paityn needed some of those cute Mary Jane or ballet slipper ones!  You know those ones I'm talking about! The ones that when your kids wear them everyone makes a huge fuss over how cute they are and how they need to make them in adult sizes too.  Oh yeah, I had that same feeling too!  I needed to have cute little shoe socks just like P!

This is when I went on my search.  I came upon this site called MumMe Wear, and guess what they had?!?!
You guessed it.  Matching socks for P AND ME!!!
They were all so adorable, but I settled on the Mummy & Me Plaid Mary Jane set.  They are adorable, really well made and are all Eco-friendly (made of organic cotton or bamboo) and they come in the cutest little shoe box.

Here's a little information about how MumMe Wear came to be:

MumMe is the brainchild of Canadian mompreneur, Noelle Rathee. Inspired by her fun-loving little girl who always wants to be "just like mummy", Noelle created MumMe (Mum + Me = MumMe), a line of matching "shoe" socks for stylish mums and their little ones. Shortly after launch, it quickly became apparent that dads and older kids wanted in on the fun too, so MumMe expanded their size offering to include the whole family and now carries fun "shoe" socks for all ages!

Let me just say that Noelle is the SWEETEST company owner EVER!!!  I've always been impressed with how she was the one that always answered my emails and it wasn't just some random person.  That's quality customer service right there!

I wanted to share this great product with everyone else since I have had such a great experience with this company.  Plus, I KNOW I'm not the only person who wants to have these adorable shoe socks just like the kids do!  These would be a great baby shower gift, too!

I contacted Noelle to see if we could try out some of the cute sneakers socks as well (since Mattie can't wear the Mary Jane's with us).  They are black and yellow too, so these Steelers fans were super excited about that one!

She also agreed to let me offer a $25 voucher for one lucky reader to shop at MumMe Wear, too!
Check out her store, you will fall in love with them too!

Here's how to enter:

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Water Bugs

Today we went to hang out with Devon and Hailey at the pool at their hotel.  Kate was at her training for work, and Marc was at work, so it was just all the cousins.

Miss P fell asleep on the way there, so she swam for a little bit but wasn't to happy about it. 
It was chilly at first too, so that probably didn't help either.  

She did LOVE putting her feet in the hot tub water with me though.  Loves warm water, just like her mama!
 Mattie on the other hand was being my little fish as always. He spent almost the entire time in the pool and loved every minute of it.  We need to work on the swimming without the swimmies some more, but at least we aren't afraid of being in the water or swimming in the entire pool.

Miss Hailey is also a little fish.  That girl has NO fear of the water at all!  She can thank her daddy for that one!
I think between the three of them, they have gone through a pound of goldfish crackers in the last few days!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memories and Visitors

Today would have been Baba's (my grandma) birthday. I really miss talking to her and spending time with her.  It really sucked to have lost both of my grandma's within 40 days of each other.  I think about them both a lot and hope they are enjoying themselves in Heaven.

Today we spent most of the day outside with Devon, Kate, Hailey, Daddy and Uncle Ronnie. 

Daddy worked on the chicken coop a little more while the kiddos ran around, played in the sand and water table and got all messy!

  I'm glad the kids are getting to play with each other for a few days since we live so far away from each other.
Silly Hailey!